Our network reaches publishers across the country and increasingly around the world

Through Deseret Connect, we syndicate articles to hundreds of publications in multiple languages. Some publishers license our platform to manage their own contributor networks. Others utilize our platform and contributors to create engaging sponsored content. Nearly every article on, and our FamilyShare Network originate in Deseret Connect.

Our solution

Community engagement

Break down some of the barriers between your newsroom and your audience by engaging talented writers in your community. Articles from these contributors can compliment and enhance those written by your professional journalists. Contributors are passionate about the topics they cover and often bring expertise and insight not found in traditional newsrooms.

Low-cost, high-quality content

By tapping into talented writers in your community, you'll tap into a source of high quality, low cost content that resonates with your audience. Using Deseret Connect and our contributor model can save you hundreds of dollars per article.

Customizable workflows

Manage content and contributors through quality-driven, customizable workflows. Create groups to organize people and topics, then funnel their work through designated editing pools.

Social reach and growth

Contributors are natural social marketers. One of the main reasons they'll write for you is to reach a larger audience. Deseret Connect makes it easy to share published stories on your contributor's social networks – facebook, twitter, pinterest, email, etc. – sending more traffic to your site.

Real-time notifications

Elegantly manage contributors, staff and their content through Deseret Connect. Our notification features will keep all the right people in the loop when stories are proposed, commented on, completed and published.

Editing services

Use Deseret Connect to manage your own in-house or remote editing, or take advantage of our talented team of remote editing coaches for a low, additional cost.

Contact us

If you represent a publisher and want to know more about out services, please drop us a line.